"Details are not details, they make the design."

Charles Eames

ELITE is an Italian upholstery company with a substantial practice in both residential and nautical fields.

The constant research and careful selection of the highest quality raw materials are two of the company's strengths, as well as an eye for details and design. A 100% Made in Italy production, consisting of innovative tools and materials with high technological performance.

Design, style and quality co-operate to make unique products, tailored to customer needs.



ELITE was founded in 2019, from a project started in 2003 in Cantù, a city known for an ancient tradition in the production of luxury designed furniture and quality craftsmanship.
Thanks to its proximity to Como Lake, ELITE develops a great experience in the nautical field which has enriched the company background and made the company one of the most chosen suppliers for the renewal and production of upholstery for boats.
Today ELITE signs several international high-quality productions throughout Europe, for both residential and nautical fields.



To find out more about products and services, e-mail at molellapaolo@gmail.com or call +39 333 819 8589.
A team of professionals will be at your disposal to study and design a tailor-made solution, suited to your needs.